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Who We Are

In 1947, a few dozen doctors and a community coalition believed there had to be a better way to provide affordable, quality health care that was accessible to all. The result? They were right. There was a better way—Group Health. Our new approach combined a model of care and coverage. The idea was considered radical at the time. The result was empowering. Our mission and model placed people at the center of everything we do.

Moving ever forward

Our approach to health care – preventive medicine, evidence-based care, integrated services – is different. And so is our culture. It’s fostered through our core values – accountability, customer focus, excellence, innovation and integrity. We embrace and celebrate our differences – different points of views, experiences and stories, different talents and different styles. At the same time we share a common purpose to transform health care by delivering the highest quality care and service to our members.

As leaders of health care innovation over the last 70 years, our teams know how to adapt within an ever evolving industry. Our constant curiosity about new ideas and creative solutions drives our organization forward.