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Career Paths

Passion and purpose in our work drive us to excel in the valuable outcomes we deliver daily. Whether you’re seeking a clinical or non-clinical role, you’ll find a variety of positions and paths that will move your career forward in an exciting way. As a national model for innovative patient care, Group Health attracts world-class health care professionals and innovators who want to set the trend–not follow it.

Our extraordinary teams include attorneys and actuaries, communicators and engineers, marketers and managers, nurses and social workers, research scientists and pharmacists, and all have a hand in helping us achieve our strategic goals. We invite you to explore a diverse selection of roles available to build an exciting career and make a positive difference in people’s lives and our communities.

Group Practice Division

At Group Health Medical Centers, our patients can expect exceptional care from medical professionals in a wide variety of specialties, as well as a full range of services and care options.

Health Plan Group

Group Health holds a unique position in the health care world—we’re an integrated system offering both health plans and care delivery. Staff who work within our health plan division are essential to Group Health’s success.

Shared Services Group

Group Health’s Shared Services careers are as vital to the health of our community—and our organization—as our doctors and nurses. There are a wide range of opportunities in fields as diverse as legal, marketing, human resources, finance, IT, and the Group Health Research Institute.